Signs To Check If You And Your Date Have Sexual Tension Between You

Do You Know All the Signs of Sexual Tension?

Signs To Check If You And Your Date Have Sexual Tension Between You

Remember the goose bumps you get when you see Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s sizzling chemistry in Ram Leela’s ‘Lahu Muh Lag Gaya’? Well, that’s the definition of sexual tension. Their intense gaze at each other is enough to give you a hint that there’s something hot brewing here.

Do you feel that kind of a connection with your date? Wondering if you may have missed it? Here’s how you can check if there’s sexual tension between you two:

Sharing Eye-Contact

Apart from the normal eye-contact that you share when having a conversation, do you find him staring deeply into your eyes? If he looks at you with an intense gaze that kind of makes you tinge a little, there’s definitely some spark there.


He’s Flirty With You

Every time he’s with you, he makes sure to light you up with a laugh or two thanks to his flirty antics. He knows he’s being cheesy but likes to see how you react to it. This is a subtle way of building up the sexual tension.

The Magical Touch

If you’ve had the iconic moment of going to the movies and then trying to hint the other person to hold your hand in the dark, the sexual tension is soon. You secretly wish that your hands will brush and he realizes that and catches it. Remember Mia and Sebastian in La La Land? Yes. That’s the goal.


You Both Struggle With Words

Does it feel like you’re struggling to find words when they’re around? It is probably like High school when you used to be shy and mumbled whilst talking to your crush. One of you gets dumbstruck just by looking at the other and that’s a clear sign of existing sexual tension.

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