Signs That He’s Planning To Break-Up With You

Sweetie, he’s probably going to dump you!

signs he planning break up with you

You never know what could wrong in your fairytale and most importantly, if you’re in a bubble of ‘all’s well’.  People reach the break-up or separation phase over time and hence you can see how their attitude is changing in the little everyday activities.

It is actually possible to predict if a break-up is headed your way and it may not always be because of the frequent fights you’re having. At times, your relationship may be fine over the surface but deep down, it may have withered.

Here are signs to tell if he’s going to break up with you:

1. He’s Making Unreasonable Excuses

Do you think you’re getting stood up by your beau more often and to top it all, he has really silly excuses? Well, sorry but it’s a clear sign that things are rocky here. Imagine if your boyfriend ditches you for a movie saying he has to attend a office colleague’s birthday party and you’re like, ‘he doesn’t even have friends in office’. Yes, that right there is the first of may excuses coming before you end up getting fed up and he breaking up over it.

2. He’s Not Listening To You

Initially, you spoke to each other for hours over the phone and now he hardly calls. Even when you meet, he’s physically present but he’s hardly interested in what you’re saying and tries  to cut short the meeting. This subtly means he doesn’t care and that the ship has sailed for your relationship!

3.  He’s Picking Fights Over Everything

Are you guys fighting over why you didn’t keep him a bottle of water over the bed stand or even sillier things than this? It means that you need to observe how all he does these days is pick fights with you. By doing this, he’s paving a easy way of both of you being unhappy and eventually ending the relationship.

4. He’s Being Really Private About His Phone

Not that you would check his phone but if he’s trying to keep it out of your reach constantly, there may be something he’s hiding. If he has planned to break up with you,he’s already on the prowl for his next and is probably flirting with someone. This is why, he’s always on his phone and never leaves it behind.

5. He Keeps Asking The ‘Are You Happy?’ Question

There’s no need for him to constantly keep questioning you over ‘being happy’ in the relation. If he keeps asking, it means that he may want you to analyse things more accept that there’s something missing which indirectly would end the relationship.

6. He Uses The Word ‘Space’

If he’s said he needs space, it is a clear sign that you’re relationship is done. Men don’t discuss their problems much but if he’s telling you, ‘he needs to clear his head’ or ‘be alone for sometime’, it means he wants to clear his head from you. This is a indirect way of saying things are over.

7. He’s Not Affectionate Anymore

You may still be physically active but he doesn’t seem to be romantic or affectionate. He doesn’t initiate any kisses, he doesn’t hold your hand, these are signs that he may not be interested anymore.