Should You Break-Up With Someone If The Sex Isn’t Good?

Can you really break-up saying 'I'm not enjoying the sex'?

Should You Break-Up With Someone If The Sex Isn't Good?
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How much importance does physical love play in a relationship is always a difficult question to answer. There are a lot of couples who do not discuss their sex life and it is probably not the most healthy thing to do. There’s always a chance that one of you isn’t happy or satisfied and that could end up being the biggest red flag for your relationship.

But the big question is if the sex isn’t good, are you unhappy in your relationship? Sex and love can be two different things and if you love someone, you might as well covey it to them that you’re unhappy with the sex.

Here’s what you can do if the sex isn’t good:

If You’ve Discussed Things But There’s No Change

There are times when some partners can be selfish in the sack and if they are not leaving you satisfied it is a good enough reason to break-up. At first, it would be a good idea to discuss things and if there’s still no changes, you may have to take the hard step. The thing about sex is that you can’t keep compromising and it may eventually keep you unhappy.

Faking Things May Not Take You A Long Way

If you keep faking, neither of you will be happy.
If you keep faking, neither of you will be happy.

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If you’ve been faking till now, there’s a chance you may not make it till long. Eventually, if and when your partner finds out, it will hurt them terribly and that’s not the best way for them to find out that you may be unsatisfied. Suggesting to try new things may help but if it isn’t getting your motor running, it may be time to put a full stop to that.

You May End Up Cheating If You’re Not In Check With Your Feelings

There’s a reason that you need, to be honest in a relationship. Bottling up your feelings could lead to you having an outlet somewhere else. If you’re physically unhappy in your relationship, there’s a chance that you may drift and find that pleasure somewhere else. Cheating is probably the worst way to end your relationship and in that case, an honest break-up would be the best.

Well, there’s no point underestimating the role sex plays in a long-term relationship. If it’s not working, it may be time to let go.