See How Frank And Lovina Quit Their Jobs To Travel And Start Tastress, Their Dream Restaurant

2 months, 10,000 km of biking and the start of a restaurant

2 Months, 10,000 Kms Of Biking And The Start Of A Restaurant

He’s the one who’s always pumping weights and building those muscles, making sure that whatever he eats or cooks, is super healthy and even more delicious. While she ’s prettily petite and the quiet one who lets her work do more of the talk.

Together, Frank Prashant Pawar and Lovina Rodrigues Pawar are a couple that’s truly creating those couple goals of what it means to be with each other. From taking a bike trip through the country and riding 10,000 km in just 2 months, to finally giving a home and a name to their dream – Tastress – their newly launched restaurant in Mumbai that promises to serve you food that will actually help you stay healthy and score great on taste too!

Serving tasty food that will help you stay healthy
Serving tasty food that will help you stay healthy

When did the idea of opening a restaurant come to mind?

Frank: It was always my dream to own a small chilled out food joint of some sorts, where there will be good food, music, and ambiance. Some 6 years back we had almost finalized a place in Goa. However, it was a big setup and we both were a bit apprehensive.

Are both of you foodies or is one of you more interested in food than the other?

Frank: I guess I’m clearly the foodie. Lovina barely eats but she loves good food. She prefers mostly Muslim cuisine and I prefer my nutritious recipes with a bit of twist on taste.

Have you ever taken a long trip or travelled to a different city only to taste the food there?

10,000 km in 2 months!
10,000 km in 2 months!

Frank: Due to work we never got time to travel a lot. So when we both quit our jobs, we first decided to travel a lot, and boy we did! In two months we rode 10,000 km. and tasted all sorts of cuisine.

Do you both cook at home too? Who does most of it?

Lovina: Frank loves to cook, but now that I am not working, I cook a lot. Frank can dish up healthy food very quick while I take my own time but emphasize on new and tasty cuisines.

Whose idea was it to open a restaurant?

Lovina: It was always Frank’s idea and concept.

Frank: Yes, this was always my dream but convincing Lovina was difficult initially. We both took a much-needed vacation and our first long one since 11 years of being married. We took that time to discuss this and plan it well.

How did you both plan the menu? Did you take some feedback?

Frank: Menu was basically like a truce of sorts for each of us. We both wanted specific items and we managed to find the perfect balance of health and taste. A lot of research and a lot of Google helped. Later, we ran the tentative menu through our master and ace chef Nester and he fine-tuned it to perfection.

How did you get an idea of what kind of food or tastes could work?

Frank: We had tasting sessions with some close friends. We took their review and suggestions to ensure that the menu was effective.

How did you come up with the name Tastress?

Frank: Honestly, we didn’t have time to think of any name as we had only one day to complete the paperwork. Since the concept was healthy and tasty food, the name kind of came up.

What aspects of the restaurant do both of you handle together and individually?

Frank: We are together for over 18 years so we both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We’re kind of aware of our responsibilities so we never had to discuss them separately. We do help each other out within those responsibilities as that’s fun too. Lovina handles the kitchen and the admin work while I look at the operations and marketing bit. We still keep helping each other out as we love working together. Small fights are settled later with some quality time together.

Have you both ever done any other major venture together or is this the first time?

Frank: This is our first child together!

On top together
On top together

Are your different personalities helping you work together?

Frank: Lovina is the most patient person I’ve known, she’s very hardworking. Her only weakness is that she likes to do it all by herself and prefers not to delegate. I, on the other hand, prefer to lead and delegate work. My optimistic dreams are my strengths and my biggest weakness is procrastination.

Now that you have opened a restaurant together, do you think it is any different from opening a restaurant on your own? What are the pros and cons of having a joint venture with your partner?

Frank: I could have never imagined doing this on my own as Lovina completes me. She wasn’t sure of this but I knew that she will never let go and would step in eventually. I see nothing but pros, to be honest. We know each other well, so we can work in harmony. I guess the only con would be those small petty differences of opinion, but then we realise that such differences help us see things from all perspectives.

A couple that eats together, lives together! Looks like Frank and Lovina are set to give a twist to this age-old saying, with their healthy and delicious venture together at Tastress.