Reasons why Kareena Kapoor makes a super cool real life stepmom

Stepmoms are no longer cruel


Kareena Kapoor has not only played a stepmom on the reel for a film called, We Are Family but is one in real life too. Even before she became a mom to the adorable Taimur, Kareena became stepmom to Sarah and Ibrahim husband Saif Ali Khan’s kids from his first marriage to Amrita Singh. From the pictures, videos and gossips that make the rounds, it seems like Kareena is a super cool stepmom to both the kids and the kids seem to love her. Here are some reasons why Kareena makes a super cool and super hot stepmom

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Kareena’s daughter Sara Ali Khan almost looks like a younger sibling to Kareena and the two are said to share a great bond. In fact, Kareena has even stated in one of her interviews with a leading magazine that she and her daughter Sara are like best friends and Sara is also her bar hopping partner.

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Both Sara and Ibrahim were part of Saif and Kareena’s wedding and they made a pretty picture together. In one of the talk shows, Kareena also stated that she enjoyed being a mom to two teenage kids. They even holiday together.

Kareena shares the joy of Sara getting into movies as any mom would and she even says that she thinks Sara is gorgeous and is a combination of beauty with brains and will make a wonderful actress.

Kareena and her son Ibrahim pose like buddies for selfies that Ibrahim likes posting on his social media handles.

 kareena with ibrahim(Image Credit: magnamags)

Looking at Kareena and her relationship with her kids, she makes us believe that all the cruel stepmoms written about in fairy tales were just a myth.