Reasons why your boyfriend won’t go ‘Exclusive’ about your relationship on social media!

Decoding why he’s not DTRing


Let’s face it, updating the social media holds even more importance today than your CV. Stalkers across the world need fodder and your updates are their bread and butter. Being in a relationship is one big update on your life that you can’t wait to share with your friends. I mean, imagine the pleasure of letting you single friends get a little J with your lovey-dovey selfies.

Of course, this cannot be a one-sided thing and hence, it is equally important for both parties to do so.  If your boyfriend has not yet made your presence as his ‘girlfriend’ on his social media site, this could be a problem.

Let’s decode a few reasons why he’s not DTRing (Defining The Relationship) over social media:

1. He’s Not Sure About You!

Looks like it’s just a fling for him and hence he may not be taking this relationship to the social media.  As sad as it sounds, this could be the reality.

2. He’s Keeping You Away From The Family Eyes!

His entire family is on Facebook and it’s probably too soon to go down that road. In order to keep the ‘marriage talks’ at bay, he may be doing so.

3. He’s Not Active On Social Media

Yes. That’s a possibility too. There are people out there who are not fond of making their lives public. Look at RanbirKapoor, being the celebrity he is, he doesn’t wish to be active on social media.

4. He’s In Multiple Relationships!

OMG! For all you know, he could be cheating on you and hence so as to not get caught in the act, he’s not introducing you as his GF. Looks like you may be headed for a massive break-up ahead if this is the case.

5. You Could Be Too Special To Be A Social Media Buzz

Can you imagine how protective he is of you that he doesn’t want social media to create issues between the two of you. In today’s time, one wrong meme could end relations; he’s just saving you from all that drama.

In any case, the only way to find out what the real deal is, you may just have to confront him and get the truth out.