Loving Relationship: 5 Ways to Know they’re Committed

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Relationships aren’t always as easy going as we’d like them to be, and often it can be hard deciphering what your partner thinks of you. Especially when you’re in a new relationship and you’re questioning whether they’re committed.

A positive relationship should leave you feeling happy and relaxed, but if you’re worrying about whether they’re in it for the long haul then you can be left feeling deflated. Most people will show signs that they want to commit to your relationship. To help identify these, we’ve put together a list of traits someone has when they’re truly committed.

Caring and Considerate

When you have a problem, do they listen and care? Ask yourself whether they’re engaged in your problems and whether they are there for you when you need them. ESFJ personality types are particularly good at this, ESFJ meaning extraverted, sensing, feeling, judging. However, that doesn’t excuse the rest of us, as caring about your partner’s problems is vital in a relationship.

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Happy Holidays

Holidays are expensive and so you want to pick the right person to experience them with you. Often you want to relax on holiday with your partner. So, if your partner won’t go on holiday with you, but is always spending money on going on holiday with their friends, then they possibly could fear commitment. Holidays should be a happy time spent together, so make sure they’re committed to it.

Family and Friends

If you haven’t met their friends or family yet, then ask yourself why. Your partner should want to introduce you to their friends and their family, as it’s important to be proud of the relationship you’re in. It could be that they’re shy, so an easy way to work out whether they’re committed is to just ask to organise a get together with loved ones.

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Time Spent Together

Most relationships spend time with one another, but does your other half commit fully to your dates? There are loads of unique date ideas so ask your partner on one, and see if they engage in the time you have together. If they seem vacant and are always bailing or are often distracted by their phone, then it’s time to start asking questions.

Communal Purchases

Buying things together, however small, is an important sign that they want you in their lives. You know you’re in a committed relationship when you start buying food. These small acts of kindness demonstrate to a partner that you’re inviting them into your life. If you don’t do this as a couple maybe it’s time to start.

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Finally, Relax and Enjoy…

Relationships shouldn’t always be stressful, and the good days need to outnumber the bad ones for you to be happy. People show commitment in a range of ways, so it’s important to communicate with them if you’re concerned. Most people will begin to demonstrate the traits listed above when they’re invested in you. Remember to put into your relationship what you want to get out!