Is He Just Being Protective, Or Is He Over Possessive?

How to Differentiate between a Protective and a Jealous Guy?

Is He Just Being Protective, Or Is He Over Possessive?
Is He Just Being Protective, Or Is He Over Possessive?

To fall in love is probably one of the most beautiful feelings ever. Relationships require a lot of nurturing and effort of both parties in order to function smoothly. And girls, admit it, you love it when your man is a tad bit possessive or jealous about all the other guys you hang out with. But being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean you have to take flak from anyone, no matter how much you love them. There is a difference between healthy jealousy and over possessiveness. Remember Shah Rukh Khan in “Darr” or “Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam”?

Look, we all want the guy we’re with to be protective about us. But extreme jealousy can get in the way of a smooth and functioning relationship. If you’re not sure if your boyfriend’s just being protective or possessive, here are some signs:

Hates Praising Someone Else

Your boyfriend absolutely hates it when you praise someone else, especially if it’s a guy. You might find it cute at first, but after a point, it is going to get annoying and you might feel claustrophobic.

Does he check your messages or calls?

A guy checking his girlfriend’s messages
A guy checking his girlfriend’s messages

Well, that’s not very normal, is it? If you are dating someone, you are expected to invest a certain amount of trust in that person. You shouldn’t be tracking his or her every move. Plus, every person is entitled to their person. You shouldn’t be answerable to him about who you’re speaking to.

Does he dictate your outfits?

For instance, does he react negatively when you wear short clothes? Or maybe he tells you how to dress when you’re out with your male friends and colleagues! That’s definitely not done. Just because you’re together doesn’t mean he gets to control you or what you wear.

Does he get paranoid when you hang out with other men?

Well, that could be the sign of a jealous boyfriend. Or maybe he questions you about all your guy friends and colleagues! Look, to a certain extent, these questions may be permitted. After all, he loves you. But if he begins to dictate your actions and tries to stop you from meeting your friends, then it’s time to take a step back.

Does he insist on making your decisions for you?

First and foremost, how on earth are you letting him get away with this? It doesn’t matter if you’re dating or even married to him, you should be able to make your own decisions.

Does he monitor every activity of yours on social media?

For instance, does he check comments, messages and even likes? In that case, you could try talking to him. If that doesn’t work, then he is definitely not the right guy for you.

Look, being protective is fine. But there must be a limit. Being possessive and trying to control your every move is not normal. If your boyfriend does any of these, it’s time to sit down and talk about where your relationship is heading.

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