Is Your Flirting Turning Into Cheating?

Beware of these warning signs that could ruin your relationship

अगर आप ऐसा कुछ कर रहे हैं, तो आपके रीलेशनशिप में तनाव आ सकता है

Is Your Flirting Turning Into Cheating?

Some amount of flirting is definitely good for your relationship. It keeps the spark alive, keeps you and your partner interested in each other and prevents boredom from settling in.

But how do you know if your flirting is actually moving from a harmless flirting into the dangerous territory of cheating?

From getting too close on social media to maybe heading out for coffee when your partner isn’t around, here are a few ways your flirting could get into the cheating zone when you’re already in a relationship.

1. Stalking On Social Media

It’s one thing to be friends on social media and add a few flirtatious comments here and there, but following all their pictures and posts and being flirty or lovey dovey on all of them could easily be construed for more than just harmless flirting.

2. Asking Them Out A Little Too Often

Your partner may be chilled out even if you are meeting that person without your partner being around, but when you are regularly going out, just the two of you, and if you are always initiating it or doing it most of the time, things could start getting out of hand soon.

3. Flirting At Work

It’s one thing to have a crush on a colleague, but if you are blatantly flirting at work, it could not only spell doom for your actual relationship, but also make it a little less pleasant for you at work, and maybe get you in a mess. In serious cases, especially if your company does not approve of it, you could get fired.

4. If You Are Hiding It From Your Partner

This could also get you fired from work, if your company isn’t open to flirting with colleagues
This could also get you fired from work, if your company isn’t open to flirting with colleagues

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In a lot of relationships, the partners are aware that their partner is flirting with someone and this is kind of good, because things are still out there in the open. However, if you find yourself hiding things from your partner, or if you specifically keep things a secret such as a person you have a crush on, a person you like and are going to meet or are flirting with, this could mean more than just harmless flirting.

The obvious tell-tale sign that your flirting is moving into danger zone is if you find yourself thinking of this person in a sexual scenario. If you’re doing that, or any of the above, try and stop before you hit the danger mark in your relationship.

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