Is Your Date Breadcrumbing You?

If you noticed these signs, you’re possibly being breadcrumbed!

Image Credit: uralgeofizpribor

Looks like millennials and the younger adults are coming out with new and different features to tackle the dating and relationship issues of these times.

By now, you’ve already heard all about ghosting, technofering and so on, but if you thought breadcrumbing was all about cooking up some sort of a recipe, you are so wrong.

If you know about ghosting, and feel it is really a bad idea to do so, and felt awful when someone did that to you, looks like you need to keep yourself prepared for this latest trend that is slowly becoming more and more popular in millennial and young adult dating.

What Is It After All?

Breadcrumbing is what you do when you are trying to toy with the other person and cause them to go through confusing emotional feelings. And mind you, this person is usually someone you are romantically or physically interested in.

While ghosting is all about completely ignoring the other person and disappearing from their radar, breadcrumbing is something where you give the other person just enough attention so that they still stick to you. But here again, you don’t really make them the focus of your attention, but throw them enough ‘breadcrumbs’ from your platter of attention so that they are in your life, and wait for more.

Sounds Horrible?

If you are not sure whether this is happening to you, or if you are not sure whether or not you are unintentionally doing it, check out these signs.

All Plans Seem Vague

Stood up again?

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You both talk about loads of plans and things you want to do together, but something or the other always comes up and the plans take a back seat. Answers such as ‘let’s see’ ‘will let you know’ ‘not sure yet’ seem familiar?

Silence And Random Texts

There are long periods of silence, days and probably even entire weeks, and suddenly random texts such as ‘such a bad day’ ‘they just don’t understand me’ ‘I am free wanna meet?’ that are absolutely out of the blue.

They Are More Active With You On Social Media

Do you have more interactions on social media, such as liking pictures, adding a comment to an image, but not having the time to chat directly on message? Digital flirting could be giving them a boost, but taking out time and getting into a real conversation with you may not be on their agenda.

If this relationship sees one person coming in and out of the other one’s life at their own whim, this could be breadcrumbing at its typical. Beware.