Is Technoference Keeping You Single?

This one single issue could ruin your dates!

Is Technoference Keeping You Single?
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You’re out on a date and your phone just won’t stop ringing. The notifications, messages and calls are never-ending, and soon, your date is over, and with it ends the chance of you having a relationship in the near future.

What Just Happened?

As if there were not enough issues that could interfere in your quest to end your singlehood and start dating, now we also have what is being termed as ‘technoference.’

What Is It Actually?

If you pride yourself on being geeky or being really good with gadgets and technology, here goes. Technoference is actually a term that has been coined to talk about how technology can interfere in your relationship and cause problems in your personal life.

Your Relationship Is Being Technofered Everywhere

Turn off the notifications when you are with your date
Turn off the notifications when you are with your date

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If you’re not sure about how your relationship is being affected with technoference, there are chances it is going through the following:

  • When you are on a date, there are chances your smartphone can distract you from the conversation you are having with your date. If you stop midway and look at your phone, or if you keep nodding and looking at the phone without really understanding what your date is talking about, the other person may feel you are ignoring them.
  • You and your partner are sitting together and your partner is talking about their day at work, but you can’t stop glancing at the TV or screen and catching up on the game, news, or whatever seems to be on right then.
  • Both of you are together and spending some quality time, but one of you cannot stop texting or going through the mails.
  • You both are out on a romantic date and then, the phone rings. The end.

Stop It From Ruining Your Relationship

The easiest thing to say here is that you should ignore all those ‘pings’ you hear, each time your smartphone comes to life. But of course it is easier said than done. Your phone is quite smart, and it’s time you get smart too. Instead of letting it ruin your date and your chance at love, turn off the notification options when you are with your date or lover, and keep your phone on mute, or at least keep the volume real low.

If you are worried you will miss an important call, let your date or lover know about it beforehand, and only attend the call if it is from the said person.