Is Kissing Overrated?

Kiss Kiss Ka Kissa!

Is Kissing Overrated?
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One of the most lovable things about Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s 50 First Dates was the dialogue ‘Nothing beats the first kiss’.

Not many of us get to relive that moment or even have a memorable first kiss in case it was some silly drunk encounter.

Still from 50 First Dates
Still from 50 First Dates

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For long though, kissing has been regarded as one of the most important aspects of the physical expressions in a relationship.

According to 30-year-old HR professional, Pooja Marathe kissing is a beautiful expression of love.

She says, “A kiss happens at that moment when two people connect. There is a spark that lets you love the person not just mentally but physically too.”

When asked if it is a deal breaker and that would she dump someone if they were a bad kisser? She says, “A big yes, it is a deal breaker. There is always an awkward start but why dump someone when you can improve the person.”

While many consider first kisses to be their most special moment, Pooja describing her special experience says, “The first kiss was the turning point, it was the most amazing thing happened to me. It was magical and that will always stay in my heart.”

Do Movies Hype It?

One of the key reasons why kissing may be overrated though is due to its portrayal on-screen. Let’s be honest, real life kisses are nowhere closer to reel life kisses.

They are not shoe-popping or fireworks, they are wet and messy and if things are overly heated a little noisy too and there’s nothing embarrassing about it.

So long as you maintain realistic expectations, the act will certainly seem normal.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

In most cases though, making out is the build-up to the main act. It is the most cliched go-tos for foreplay.

But apart from that, different kinds of kisses have different meanings. A peck on the cheek is a friendly but comforting touch, on the other hand, a kiss on the forehead shows care and concern and both equally hold importance when it comes to a relationship.

Leaving you with this brilliantly shot song from Befikre which has couples all over the world showing their love by kissing passionately.

All in all, kissing may not be a life-changing experience but it has its own space in relationships.