How’s Your Relationship With Your Roommate?

Home away from home!

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If you are the one who is on the threshold of moving out of your house to another city for studies or work, then sharing your room with another person might seem daunting to you. Some enjoy staying with a roomie while some experience a bit of difficulty in managing. My experience of living in a hostel and as a paying guest during my studies and work has been interesting. I will tell you how.

First Day Of The Hostel/Pg

Settling in the hostel

When you move out from your home to another city, you have only two options. Either share your room with some one or live single in the room. But the second one might be heavy on your pocket, especially when you have to stay in metro cities like Mumbai, where accommodation is costly. I am always very excited to know about whom I will be sharing my room with. Introducing yourself to the new person, settling in the room, decorating it and giving it a feel of my room has always been exciting to me. How about you?

Roommate Is Your Morning Alarm

The morning alarm

Now, you are not in your cosy bed and your Mumma is not going to wake you up in the morning anymore to go the college/work. From now onwards, your roommate is your family and your hostel is your second home. I am not a morning person and in my college days, my roommate used to wake me up for my classes. I didn’t even set my alarm for the morning. She used to wake me up and this is how we used to start our morning.

Sharing Clothes With The Roomie Is Fun

Sharing clothes with your roommates

Students usually do this and that is fun indeed. We used to share our clothes in my college days. You have a variety of clothes to wear everyday and that way you can flaunt your new outfits everyday!

Night Out With Your Hostel Mates

Nightout with your gang

Have you ever tried this? Night Out with your roommates and other hostel mates is most  fun. Fooling the warden of the hostel and then slipping away with your gang at night is an adventure you’ll always cherish! Do try this out if you are moving into a hostel.

Caring For Each Other Like A Family

Home away from home

I remember, me taking care of my roommate when she was ill and vice versa. Our bond got stronger and we became like a family. Taking care of each other is of very important when you are the other family you have for each other in a new city/town.

Arguments With Your Roomie Is Normal

A tiff with your roomie

Don’t we have arguments in our family? So, why worry if you had a tiff with your roommate? That is a part and parcel of staying away from your home. Arguments can be over petty things, but do remember that do not make a fuss of little things. At the end of the day, your roommate is your family.

Bidding Goodbye To Your Roomie Is Not Easy

Time to bid good bye

When you move to a different hostel or moving to a completely different city and have to say bye to your roomie, you feel all kinds of emotions. I remember my roomie and I hugging each other and crying buckets full when we had to say our goodbyes as she had to move to a different city. But those memories spent together as a family will always be dear to your heart.

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