How To Tinder The Right Way On A Vacation?

Finding a plus one for your vacay? Tinder it!

How To Tinder The Right Way On A Vacation?
Image Credit: Pixabay

Who said Tinder is not an option for a vacation plan, in fact, it could be a great option to explore new people in a completely new terrain.

Let’s face it, the chances of you running into a great person at the bar/cafe are way lower considering how mobile phones have made people asocial beings. Here’s where Tinder can be of great help.

Don’t believe us? Well, our friend Rishi recommends you do it.

When Rishi* was sent on a month-long business trip to Auckland, after spending days getting bored to hang out alone, he turned to Tinder.

” I decided to check if any local girl was interested to show me around and open to great conversations. Surprisingly, I did get a match and we actually had a good time. It was also a great cultural exchange for us as we spoke about food, films and a lot more.”

Well, here’s how you can start:

Don’t Be Too Picky

Tinder takes a little longer to adjust to your new location. To get the right options from your new locations at first you’ll have to ninja swipe.

Once you start seeing options for people from your area, keep an open mind and don’t be too picky. After all, you’re looking for a vacation buddy not the love of your life.

One thing that deserves your full attention is the fact the common interests. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who’s a cat person when you love dogs.

Staying In Rules

In case you decide to get some action, one of the key things you may have to keep in mind is the fact that you don’t have the comfort of your home.

Hopping into a stranger’s apartment while on vacation may be a bad idea. If you’re put up at an Airbnb, make sure you have the place to yourselves and that you’ve checked into a place that allows guests. You don’t want the host walking in on you asking your guest to leave in the middle of the action.

Picture Perfect

That face will get you right swipes and you better put out the best photograph you have. Unlike your home, the vacation has a time constraint and you want immediate results.

Apart from that pretty face, you could also upload pictures of you hanging out at the bar with your pals, which subtly gives out two impressions about your – a. You drink. b. You’re a social being and that you’ll actually show up for a meeting.

Fake Profile Alert

After you’ve matched and had a bit of a chat, there’s no harm in stalking the person a little over other social platforms.

This is just to make sure that he/she is not a fake profile. You don’t want to waste your time messing with someone who’s playing you for kicks over the medium.

If all goes well, you’ll end up making a new friend, having an exciting night or the greatest vacation of all time just because swiped right!

*Name changed on request of the contributor