How To Manage Your Annoying Sibling (While Staying Sane)?

Want to solve differences between your sibling?

How To Manage Your Annoying Sibling (While Staying Sane)?

Admit it – even when you grow up and become an ‘adult’, that annoying sibling grows up too and you continue to be siblings (!). Life can sometimes be so unfair I tell you.

If my brother is reading this now, I am sure he will smile, and say that I was always the useless one and he had to be nominated for one of those bravery awards for tolerating me. I kid you not, he was one bossy kid and even though I had prayed for a miracle, he is still the bossier one out of us both (why do some things never change?).

However, the good news is, with a little practical sense and patience, you can actually handle your sibling and stay sane, and in some cases (magic magic), also turn it into a friendly and really loving relationship.

Here’s what I learned in my relationship with my brother (and we have had some killing moments in our childhood, by which I literally mean killing, where he tried to kill me and I reciprocated with an equal amount of love).

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Go get that handle

Accepting the fact that you are related by blood (NO, not the one that comes out of your bodies when you are slashing each other, no), can actually help you to get a little more patience with each other. Tell yourself that you really do not have a choice, and take it as a work issue that you can’t get out of. Tell yourself there is a great bonus at the end of this deadline (haha), and that once you really become friends, life will be more sorted.

Think of all the complications you already have in life – work issues, partner issues, landlord issues, household chores, bills, partying or the lack of it, drinking issues where you can’t find your favourite beer (!), traffic issues and so many more. Why would you also want to add another issue to the list by fighting with your sibling? Let it go.

Acknowledge it or not, but now that you are grown up you’ll have lots of similarities. You come from the same parents, the same culture and background, and there must be so many things you can talk about and understand that no one else can, not even your partner maybe. If you can bite the bullet and make up for it, siblings can be the best of friends when they grow up.

And yes, if my brother is still reading this now, and those two annoying sisters of mine too who I can never stop annoying, I am sure you would like to agree (who wants to brave the consequences of not agreeing with a grown up sibling, right?).

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