How To Have A Really Good First Kiss

If you don’t want to cringe at the memory later, these tips can help

How To Have A Really Good First Kiss
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They say you never forget a first kiss. Good or bad, the way you have your first kiss can make or break memories that will last through your lifetime.

If you’re ready to see what the big deal about a first kiss is all about, it’s time to be prepared and start your initiation in the world of kissing.

Think A Little Ahead

You may feel that a kiss just happens, but sometimes, you can plan it in advance, so that it won’t be such a mess when you both actually kiss. For instance, if you’re dating, build a chemistry that excites you both when you meet. If you really want to take it one step further to the kiss, maybe you can plan on a movie date where you’ll have a better setting.

Build It Up

Did you think you would be sitting with your date and suddenly turn your face and kiss? To do it right, you need to build up the heat first. Sit close to each other so that your date knows you’re interested and are talking only to them. Add some sexual flavor to the moment as it can add that extra touch to the kiss.

Your Touch Matters

Adding a touch to your kiss can make it more intimate
Adding a touch to your kiss can make it more intimate

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Create that perfect scenario – place your fingers on their arm, hold them at the back, place your arm around their shoulders, play with their hair – anything that creates the touching bond.

Focus On Your Crush And Close Your Eyes To All Else

It’s best to close your eyes when you kiss as this can avoid any other distractions, especially if you’re in a public place. Don’t look at someone else with interest when you’re kissing your date!

Prepare Yourself For It

Even before you reach your date, there are certain things you need to take care of. Brush your teeth if you’ve had a meal and use a mouthwash or mints to keep your breath fresh. Take a bath and wear a light scent.

Whether or not this is your date’s first kiss, you can still make it memorable for yourself and your date with just a few simple tips. And since it’s your first, it’s only right that you make the most of it.