How To Handle Online Dating Rejection

Rejections are tough to handle but they are also a part of life

How To Handle Online Dating Rejection
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I may sound poetic but like darkness and light, water and fire, rejection and acceptance are the truths of life. It is our general tendency to go into self-analysis, and self-criticism when we are rejected. Some of us also get depressed when we are struck by rejection. In this modern age of online dating, we cannot really afford to be depressed by rejection.

You Are Unique And Need Not Change For Anyone

Deepika Padukone faced rejection by Saif Ali Khan in the movie Cocktail
Deepika Padukone faced rejection by Saif Ali Khan in the movie Cocktail

Image Credit: Movie – Cocktail

No matter whoever rejects you or how many times have you been rejected, never underestimate yourself. In true sense you are unique. There is no need to change for anyone. However, if you feel you have any bad habits, and you need to work on it, go ahead and do so. Change to emerge as a better person, but do not change your likes and dislikes based on someone else’s opinion. If someone rejects you since you refused to change for them, feel blessed and pity them for losing someone like you.

Don’t Take Online Dating Rejections Personally

The Online platform is one where the two of you have not met each other in the beginning. As a result the person on the other side does not really know you. If there comes a rejection from the other person, there is no need for you to take it personally. Do not label yourself based on such rejections.

No Point Pursuing Someone Who Rejected You

You are worth more than you think. If someone has rejected you, do not pursue that person. He probably is not going to come back, and the process will only hurt you more. Pursuing them can feel like a temporary solace, but in a few weeks’ time you will call for the depression again. Do you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you? I guess not! So, let the person go and you take a little time to get over the phase. Trust me, it is just a phase, and will pass like all other phases of your life.

Go On A Date

This might seem weird and obnoxious, but that is the key to get you out of the dejected mould. You need not really think of seriously dating someone. Just go on even if you feel the other person is okay to have a cup of coffee with. Spend an evening with someone new at a café and forget the rejection part. There can also be chances that the new person you just went to have a chat with might actually be a charmer.

Accept Reality And Rock On

Your happiness is in your hands in most cases. Why would you care for a person you met online who rejected you before knowing you well enough? Accept reality the way it is. No one’s life stops for another. You ought to go on.

Come what may, do not let rejection take over you. There is no need to turn aggressive and indulge in something that you would regret later. Take some days off, chill out with friends, before you get over the person. Keeping yourself around other people is a great way to get things right soon.

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