How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate

Check out these tips from a ‘roomie’ who is living as a PG in Mumbai

How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate
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Have you recently come to Mumbai or any other city from your hometown and are starting to live with a roommate(s)?

Are you already getting worried about how to adjust sharing a room or apartment with another person who is different from you?

Well, with more and more youngsters shifting out of their parents’ home for better study or job prospects, it is important that you manage to have a peaceful existence in the place that you call home with another roommate.

24 year old Akhilesh came to Mumbai from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh a year back and initially shared his room with three other people. Here are some very practical tips he shares, that could help anyone who is living with roommates.

1. Don’t Get Into Retaliation Mode

You may it is the first thing you want to do when your roommate doesn’t seem to understand or keeps doing the wrong things, but that can only make matters worse. For instance, your roommate forgets to switch off the lights, or eats your snack, even when you have mentioned it many times. Don’t eat up their snack or leave the lights on just to teach them a lesson. They won’t learn and it will only make things worse. Says Akhilesh, “If peace is what you get in the end, don’t shy away from bending a bit. It is good to keep your ego aside sometimes.”

In the series, both the roommates have extremely contrasting personalities
In the series, both the roommates have extremely contrasting personalities

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2. Don’t Wait To Talk About It Later, Do It Now

The longer you wait to speak to your roommate about issues you’re having, the more it will become a habit and get difficult to change. Not to mention that it will keep making you angrier and lead to unnecessary arguments. Akhilesh feels it is important to not suppress your thoughts but rather let the other person know if you aren’t comfortable with something.

Talking about issues upfront will help to avoid conflict
Talking about issues upfront will help to avoid conflict

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3. Create Some Boundaries Right At The Start

Living with someone is a very intimate and personal matter, and when you allow another person into your space, there are certain boundaries that need to be maintained. The one tip that Akhilesh feels is very important right from the start is to “draw lines between yourself and your roommate(s) and not to ever cross them yourself, or let others do so.”

4. Make An Effort To Understand Your Roommate

We all come from different backgrounds and lives, and sometimes, understanding your roommate a little more may help you both sort out issues easily, and avoid them as well. “No one is a Satan, try to understand their POV” says Akhilesh.

How you deal amicably with your roommates will depend on your personalities, but a few things such as talking about it in person rather than through messages, being honest, accepting your mistakes when you make them and choosing your battles wisely can definitely help.

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