How To Cook For Your Date To Impress

These can get you from the dining table to the sack for sure!

How To Cook For Your Date To Impress
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There are so many ways to impress your date that you can easily be spoilt for choice. But the one really cute way that is guaranteed to get you those awws and how sweet and that typically lovey-dovey look that precedes some hot hot action later, is, well, when you cook for them.

That said, these are the reactions you can expect to get provided you don’t turn the entire evening or night into a disaster experimental game in the kitchen.

If you’re game to try it out, we’re ready to cover your back (and a burning house!).

Ease Out Of The Pressure

Listen. You are not a chef. Just as you are not a pilot (assuming you are not) and hence cannot fly a plane and take your date out up there over the clouds. You want to cook and what can go wrong in the worst case is that you end up using a food app and calling in food, or head out to eat. That’s it. So get out of the pressure and take this up as a fun challenge.

Get An Idea Of Their Type Of Food

You may think it’s super easy to dish up a plate of pasta, but what do you do when your date tells you that they don’t like pasta at all and would rather skip it, or just take a bite and leave it at that? What you can actually do is to ask them casually what they like to eat, and then take your cues from that.

Keep It Simple Please

Keep it simple
Keep it simple

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The idea is to impress and have fun and just kind of show off that yes, you went out of your way to do this because you like this person. Yes, they will get it, irrespective of whether you make them that one dish that they can actually eat, instead of a full course meal that stays in the kitchen and never really gets tasted or eaten. You don’t really have to ‘cook’ cook, you could even put together a delicious salad, maybe add your twist to it, and voila!

If you don’t have fun while doing it, it’s not worth it. So take it as fun, and don’t forget to check your phone to see that the food delivery app is still there.