How To Click Selfies Without Ruining Your Relationship

Do I need to give up my selfies for my love?

How To Click Selfies Without Ruining Your Relationship
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Love -it makes you a different person, you change yourself for the person you love and blah and blah. Probably you do that, probably you don’t. But what happens when your love comes in the middle of your love for selfies? Or, what would happen if, for love, you have to give up clicking selfies forever?

On Selfie Day today, we thought a lot about what you might be going through if your love asked you for this extreme sacrifice, and no, it did not sound or seem right at all. Clicking a selfie has become such an intrinsic part of our lives that we don’t really give it much thought.

There’s love, there’s selfie love, and then there’s a way to balance them both in the right way and lead a happy, content and picture perfect (all puns intended) life.

Don’t believe us?

I love clicking selfies, so I say it’s my way of making memories
I love clicking selfies, so I say it’s my way of making memories

Nishi Mulchandani Deb, a self-proclaimed selfie queen shares the importance of clicking good selfies. “I’m a selfie queen but my man is not. Initially when the relationship was new, we took a lot of selfies, he even seemed excited about it. With time, of course, that initial excitement wears off. I love clicking selfies, so I still manage to get some clicks with him by saying that it’s my way of making memories. I know he loves to go through old pictures, so this trick works best for me and he happily poses till I get the perfect click. And of course I keep sneaking in my own selfies too as much as I can.”

Easing Your Partner Into Selfie Mode

  • Tell your partner you love the way you look together. If your partner isn’t comfortable about sharing on social media, don’t share it for some time at least.
  • If your partner isn’t a selfie-enthusiast, don’t push it. Instead of spending all your together time in clicking selfies, find the right opportunity. For instance, if you’re in a movie, let your partner buy the popcorn while you grab a quick selfie instead.
  • Make a beautiful collage out of some selfies you’ve clicked together. Your partner is sure to see how lovely it looks.

If you’re in a relationship, do things in a way that also include your partner. If clicking selfies is really not their thing, we’re sure you can still find a way of taking a picture.