How To Avoid Feeling Awkward After Sex

Whether it is a one night stand, sex with a friend, or the morning after, here’s how to make it alright


You met a stranger and things got steamy and you both decided to heat up the night. Or, you and your friend hooked up after a few drinks and now it’s the morning after (or the time post-sex).

So now what?

What do you talk to each other about, now that you two did the big thing and everything else seems unimportant in comparison?

More importantly, how do you avoid feeling awkward after having sex?

Here’s how.

1. Don’t Act As If Something Entirely Out Of The Ordinary Happened

The more you make it feel as if having sex was such a big deal, the more it will become a big and bigger deal and make you both extremely awkward. Instead, talk about what happened and say you were glad that you two met (if it is a stranger) and that you had sex. Try to be a little casual about it and behave as if it was just part of the good times spent.

2. Don’t Get Too Conscious

A lot of the time, you start to feel awkward because you are too conscious about yourself. You just can’t seem to stop asking yourself a thousand questions – you are conscious about how you are looking now, how the sex must have been, did the person have way better sex with others than with you, will the person call you again or is this it – so many questions that make you more awkward and conscious. The best way to get rid of this feeling is to stop being so conscious about the entire episode. If you both are adults and did it out of choice, cherish the time spent.

3. If You Are Colleagues Or Classmates, Talk About What Happens Next

Talk about it now and set some boundaries
Talk about it now and set some boundaries

Image Credit: Movie – Friends With Benefits

Okay, so you hooked up with your colleague or with a classmate in the heat of the moment, and now you are worried how this might affect future interactions between you two. The best way to deal with this is to talk about it now. Talk about it and set or break some expectations, such as whether you two will do this again, whether it is best not to talk about it, whether you can be open about it but not hook up again and so on. Talking it out now will save you any bother in the future.

Of course it is difficult to feel absolutely normal after a hookup, and more so if you know you will see this person soon again. But the best way you can avoid this is to deal with it right away, once you’re done with the sex that is.

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