How Can You Tell If Your Ex Still Thinks About You

Wondering why did your ex messaged you after months of breaking up?


You would probably want to know the answer if you still love your ex. It is difficult to forget your ex, the good times you shared, the daily interactions, and the memories. A lot of breakups happen out of silly rages or misunderstandings.

Viewing Your Social Media Posts

Whether it is your social media posts or your stories on Instagram or live videos, if your ex is viewing or reacting to them, then surely they are thinking of you. If they were not thinking about you, they would not have been interested.

Calling Or Messaging After Long Gap

Virat and Anushka got back after a short phase of breakup
Virat and Anushka got back after a short phase of breakup

Image Credit: Twitter

Have they dropped in a line or called up after a long gap? If yes, they want to talk again, as they have been thinking of you all this while. After a breakup it is normal to be enraged and upset with someone, but with the passing of a few weeks or months, when the wrath goes down the drain, it is normal to try to regain contact. Although they want to talk, they will usually not have anything in particular to say. They will usually call without reason, indicating they are just thinking about you, and old time you both had.

They Ask About You

Be it your relatives or common friends, if your ex asks them about you directly or indirectly then they are definitely thinking about you. There is no other reason for them to ask about you if they had not been thinking about you after you two have parted ways. However, if they bring you in conversation with someone only to mention how you were at fault for the relationship to end, then they are just bitching behind your back, and you should be careful not to be affected by those.

If your ex is thinking about you, and you are thinking of them too, make an effort to call them up or drop a message. You never know when things can turn positive, so it is better to give it a try before you regret for the rest of your life. Yet, it is easy to say from one end. Yu would know better being in your position. These were the ways to know if your ex still thinks about you. You might decide whether to call them to patch up or let things be as is.

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