Here’s Why First Dates Are Awkward

Here’s Why First Dates Are Awkward
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Going on dates are fun. However, a lot of people are usually apprehensive of the awkwardness that are mostly associated on first dates. This awkwardness can be easily avoided, once you figure out the reasons.

Choose The Venue Wisely

It can be awkward if you select a crowded place where it can be difficult to recognise him. Of course, in this age of communication, you must have seen his or her photo, yet choosing a relatively obvious place like a café will be better than asking them to stand in front of some mall. In a place like a café or restaurant you can recognise your date without looking everywhere around in anticipation.

Avoid Awkward Silences

This is a very common problem that many people face when they are on their first date. You might have communicated a lot on WhatsApp or on call, yet there can be an awkward problem when you meet them in person. Talking while you look at them, can be uncomfortable for many people. It is important that you leave behind your inhibitions and speak to your date.

Topics To Talk About

There might be a dearth of topics to talk about, especially if the other person does not share similar interests like you do. You could try making them feel comfortable by asking their liking and disliking. In case, there are nothing that matches your interests, have an open mind and ask questions about his interests. For instance, if he or she likes trading shares, and you know nothing about it, you might ask how does the whole thing work. Okay, we admit that whatever they say might seem like a jargon, but that does not mean you coil up. Ask simpler questions like how he got interested in it, since when he is into this, did he make good money of it.

Dealing with annoying relatives can be easy if done right
Dealing with annoying relatives can be easy if done right

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Do Your Homework Before Your First Date

Before you plan your first date with someone, keep the conversation going. Establish some inside jokes that only the two of you can relate to. In moments of awkwardness try bringing those jokes to fill in these gaps. These can often act as wonderful fillers and make way for the conversation to keep moving.

Share Former Experiences Of Earlier Dates

While you might be thinking if this would be a right thing to do, let us assure you that it is perfectly okay to talk about it. You could also get your date to share their similar stories too. Trust us, this can make things better to get over the awkward silence.

It might take some time for you and your date to open up. Allow that space and scope for the conversation to flow. Even if you choose not to meet the other person again, do not make it and leave it in that manner. Remember, you both have taken out time to meet each other. Do not waste the time and put some effort to make the time worthwhile.

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