Here’s How You Can Spot A Fake Dating Profile

Try these tricks to see whether the person you’ve met online is who they say they are


Whether you are looking for someone interesting on the world’s most popular and the largest social network, or are using a dating app to find someone you can have a good time with, there is always the possibility that you may stumble across a fake profile.

The interesting fact here is that, a lot of the times, most people do not even realize they have stumbled across a profile that is actually fake, unless it leads to some trouble. For instance, 28 year old Schuyler Hunt had created a fake profile on the dating site OKCupid, as he felt that the women he was meeting online were not really interested in the witty lines or responses he was sharing. He started a fake profile and recorded details of each conversation, which he then shared with his superiors and the results were made public (without disclosing the identities of the people he was chatting with).

So how can you spot if it’s a fake profile you are talking to? Try these:

1. The messages are mostly meaningless and don’t really have any conversational tone. Most of the time, what you get will be a lot of ‘lol’ ‘yea’ ‘okies’ and so on, as well as a string of emojis.

2. The profile picture that you can see says a lot about the person, and a lot of fake profiles regularly have headshots of very good looking people. It will either be a very hot girl in super skimpy clothes with the assets spilling out, or a very hot dude with perfect abs and killer looks. In some cases, the images could also be random pictures such as the beach, seashells, puppies and such.

3. Once you start interacting, very soon this person will start sending you links to other sites to check out more pictures or other things. It could either be that they are trying to get eyeballs and users come to their personal pages to gain more popularity, or are directing you to a porn site especially if they are a part of it. If this is not what you are on the dating site for, then steer clear.

A beautiful display picture, a ‘possibly’ fake name and barely any personal info are some giveaways
A beautiful display picture, a ‘possibly’ fake name and barely any personal info are some giveaways

Image Credit: sterseller

4. If you are chatting with this person on a social networking site, chances are their friend list will be full of good looking girls or boys, and that’s where it ends. Also, the profile picture will either be of a celebrity, or of some model type. The ‘about’ section with personal information will also be non-existent or of no use.

The smart thing to do is to trust your gut, and if you feel something is fishy, understand that it probably is. It’s lovely to get swayed in love and get all intimate, even if it’s online, but be smart and don’t share your pictures unless you know who you’re sending it to.

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