Here’s How You Can Be A Better Kisser!

Kissing is a deal breaker in relationships. Make sure you are doing it right!

Here's How You Can Be A Better Kisser!
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Kissing is one of the most intimate activities that you indulge in with your partner. A kiss is a deal breaker in a relationship and hence you need to be careful about making your partner feel special.

One of the first and the most important things to keep in mind is making sure that any kiss is consensual, including a peck on the cheek.

Also, not all kisses have to end up in something more. At times its best to leave it at a kiss so don’t go rushing in.

Talking about awkward first kisses, music sensation Selena Gomez had reiterated how her first ever kiss had happened on-screen when she was 12. She said, “I actually leaned in to kiss him, and I had my eyes closed a little too early and I ended up missing like half of his lip.”

Selena Gomez and Dylan Sprouse's kiss on-screen
Selena Gomez and Dylan Sprouse’s kiss on-screen

Image Credit: Movie – Seventeen

Here are a few ways you can improve your kissing habits:

Don’t Be The Too Much Tongue Person

For kissing to be enjoyable, it needs to be a slow and steady build up. It’s all about learning about each other’s territories. As you start nice and slow, keep your focus on the little things first. Don’t start exploring with your tongue too soon.

Some people are not fond of tonguing and it is totally fine. Respect your partner’s wishes and don’t make it awkward by pushing your tongue forcefully.

Use Your Teeth At The Right Time

It is important to know when to use your teeth. Biting is sensual and takes a regular kiss to another level but it is key to know when you have to move on to biting.

Biting the lower lip usually works wonders but make sure that the pressure is just right. Make sure that you bite gently without bruising your partner’s lips.

Be a little spontaneous as you bite and don’t hog onto all the limelight. Let your partner have a go at it too.

Change Of Pace Is Necessary To Maintain The Rhythm

Kissing is a two-way road and while both parties involved are moving at different paces, it is good when the movement is constantly changing. A shift between heavy and light sucking is required to create the desired impact.

Being aware and into the act is important to pick up on your SOs hints. The more natural the progression, the more fun you will have.

Mind you, all of these tips will come handy only after you follow a few basic habits like using a chapstick regularly for being ‘kiss ready’. Also making sure about your breath each time you want to get intimate is important.