Here’s how to get your stuff back from your ex after a break up.

“You still got my favourite hoodie and you need to give it back!”


Just as Logan Paul demands for his hoodie back, in the song, Help Me Help You, saying; “You still got my favourite hoodie and you need to give it back!” there might be a lot of people out there like him, who would want to ask for their stuff back, post breakup. However, not many have the courage to do so or some might find it awkward to do that.

While some are decent enough to return things back after a break up, some sadly aren’t. While it is petty to ask them to return every tiny little thing, you’ve probably given them, there are certain things like; maybe your favourite hoodie, or a favourite book, something as absurd as a pair of your favourite socks. It needn’t be the bigger, expensive things but things that you really love.

So how does one get those things back after a break up? Do you make something like an insurance policy and make it very clear in the beginning of your relationship that these are the list of things I want back if ever we break up? Nah! not happening, right? Here’s how you can do it:

Firstly, decide what the things that you really want back are. If there are things that are of no sentimental value to you and you can easily buy another one, just let them keep it (nice reminder of what they have lost!)

Once you know what you want back, the first best thing would be to send them a message, calling them would probably seem like an excuse to speak to them one more time. If they don’t respond to your message, then send them another one. If there’s still no response, tell a common friend to convey the message. If that too fails, just pick up the phone and call!

Now that the message has been relayed via text message or friend or phone call, fix up a time to pick up your things. Seems easy right? Well, it’s not that easy, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. You want to avoid seeing that person, since you are worried you might just go weak in the knees and end up regretting post break up sex? The best thing to do in such a situation is ask them to leave your stuff with the watchman or at your doorstep or ask a friend to collect it for you. If none of the options mentioned are possible, it’s a good idea to meet for a few minutes somewhere outside. Grab your stuff and scoot, if you are the types who could go weak and sentimental.

Piece of advice: Be decent enough to return heirlooms even if you want to keep the gifts!