Hate Being In A Relationship And Got A Pet? It’s Not The Same, Here’s Why

Having a pet is a great idea unless you are getting one to avoid being in a relationship

Hate Being In A Relationship And Got A Pet? It's Not The Same, Here’s Why
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Most people love being in a relationship. You get to be with someone to share your moments, your days, your stories, your daily happenings. There are a lot of things that we are not comfortable sharing with our families or friends. Being in a relationship builds that platform for you to trust someone and slowly slip into a healthy relationship. If you thought love is a mere emotion, then think again. Love is more than that – it is an inspiration to live life. Unfortunately, like everything else, even love comes with some downfalls. Sometimes, we fail to be happy in a relationship, and ought to break free of it. While the mantra is to move on, there are a few people who are thwarted after a bad relationship.

Getting A Pet To Avoid Being In A Relationship Is A Bad Idea

Pets are awesome and there is no denying the fact. What’s not really cool is getting a pet in order to avoid being in a relationship. It is imprudent to think that a pet can compensate your being in a relationship. While you could play with your pet, go out, take photos and Instagram them, still what you are shying away from is a strong bond of human interaction. Instead, being in the right kind of relationship lets you evolve as a person.

Depriving Yourself Of The Good Aspects Of A Relationship

Expecting your pet to fill the void of a relationship in your life is a pressure you are putting on it
Expecting your pet to fill the void of a relationship in your life is a pressure you are putting on it

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Hating to be in a relationship and staying away from one can actually deprive you of a few important things. To begin with, you do not have a gateway through which you could channelize your emotions and have them reciprocated. Words create magic, something that pets might not be doing for you. This build-up of emotions without an outlet can cause frustrations that you might find difficult to deal with. Choosing to not be in a relationship means you are depriving yourself of a healthy and intimate sexual relationship – there are a number of proven physical and intellectual health benefits of sex.

Having a pet is fine, but with the expectation that it will fulfill the gap of that emotional connection of being in a relationship, is unfair on the poor thing also. Love your pet, but make that effort to break your casket and get into a relationship.

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