Guide To Reduce Performance Anxiety For First Timers

Stress for your first sex can easily be reduced if you follow a few things like these!

reduce performance anxiety for first timers

It is common to go through performance pressure during your first encounter with sex. There’s too much on your mind such as how long will it last, will you satisfy your partner, are you doing it the right way etc.

All of this can result in stress that could affect your experience. Although, one thing to keep in mind would certainly be the fact that first time is not the last time and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

To get rid of any performance anxiety you may be facing, we take a look at some easy tips that could help you sail smoothly through this.

Here are some tips for first timers to reduce performance anxiety:

Your Body Is A Wonderland

John Mayer rightly said ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ in his famous song about sex. Most of us are extremely conscious about our body and that is one big pressure when you are taking things to the next level. First you have to be comfortable with your body to give or receive any kind of love for it. Being fit is one thing but don’t fall for notions of being ‘desirable’ to someone physically.

Shoo Away Any Sort Of Negative Thoughts

Don’t be a pessimist and already jump to conclusions that things may turn out to be a disaster. Your body reacts to the negativity hence try to keep it neutral and open to the adventure that lies ahead.

Porn Is Not Your Benchmark

Considering you’re about to take the big step, many of you may refer to porn for help in terms of bettering your performance but this could be your biggest mistake. Porn may set unrealistic standards for you and thus could hamper you from enjoying your experience.

Say no to Porn

Don’t Be Obsessed With Your Penis Size

There are more important things than your penis size. Don’t beat yourself up over thinking ‘Am I too small?’. It is more important what you can do with it than how it looks.

Cut Down On Drinks

Alcohol is great for the nerves considering you’re freaking out about your first time but too much of it can affect your business. They call it ‘Whiskey Dick’ for a reason, since alcohol weakens the erections.

Foreplay Is Very Important

As a first timer, you don’t want to directly get to work. It’s important to have enough foreplay to get both of you comfortable and ease the tension of your first intercourse. Also, foreplay will put you in the right frame of mind with all the pleasurable experience, thus reducing your stress.