Five Reasons Why He Is Not Texting You Back

If you’ve been working yourself up and stressing about it, the answers are here

Five Reasons Why He Is Not Texting You Back

Listen. It’s not the end. He has not broken up with you without giving you a reason or a goodbye, and he is not doing ‘things’ with someone else that is keeping him busy.

Of course it’s annoying when the guy you are into doesn’t text you back immediately, but more annoying than that is when you make up a hundred thousand reasons about why he isn’t there with you on the phone, and realize later that the reason that he didn’t was fairly too simple.

It isn’t worth the trouble fretting and losing your sleep and biting your lovely nails and cuticles over something like that, is it?

If you’d rather know, here are the reasons.

His phone is charging

Simplest explanation of all. How many times have you kept your phone on charging in one room and couldn’t hear it ring when you were in the other room? If you want him to text and call you back, he has to have a working phone with a charged battery, remember?

He’s watching something and waiting for a break

So give him a break ya! Life isn’t easy when you have to balance love on the one hand and manage Amazon Prime and Netflix on the other, so while he is somehow managing the juggling act, let him do so at his own pace and text you back whenever there is a break in whatever it is he is watching.

He’s taking a shower

If Ranveer Singh needs so much time in the shower, spare your man

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Without you yes, but this is the time when he can get all nice and clean and groom himself to continue being the man you’ve fallen in love with. Let him do so in peace, without making him risk rushing to the phone while he is still dripping wet.

It’s gaming time

And you don’t stand a chance. Nada! No amount of nagging and shouting and crying or pretend crying is going to change that, so as long as it’s not a real human he is spending time with and is instead choosing the gaming console over you, be happy.

He saw it, thought he responded, but actually forgot

Well, of course you have all the rights to be mad, but really, I mean, you never did that? As in, looked at the text, gave a reply in your head then forgot that you didn’t really type that out? Happens honey, it happens.

So there are a hundred more reasons why he couldn’t text you back, maybe he is in a meeting, is driving, is eating and his hands are dirty, the phone was on silent and he forgot to put on the ringer, he left the phone in the car and got out of it and more. If you kill yourself over the ‘why’, you won’t really be around to find out, right?

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