Find Out Which Position Is Best For Your Partner To Reach Orgasm!

You’ll be surprised what’s the answer to your perfect orgasm!

best position for orgasm

It’s great to be adventurous when it comes to your sexcapades (sexual escapades) but it does not assure that you will have maximum pleasure out of it. Sometimes trying new things also comes with a little bit of anxiety.

There have always been talks regarding what’s best when it comes to reaching an orgasm and while there are several positions you may try; recent studies have found out a surprising answer. While many of us pegged it to be the most boring or a routine sex move in bed, Missionary is said to be the best for a woman to reach orgasm.

The same studies claim that one of the biggest reason that missionary works best is because the woman is in a relaxed position and when aroused enough, will reach a climax.

The man on top position has also in many cases voted to be the top choice for sexually active people. Having high chances of giving the lady, maximum clitoral pleasure, the position is most effective and far from being anything mechanical as it is touted to be.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the size of the penis that matters when it comes to having maximum pleasure for a woman, a right position may just do it. Even in a vanilla position like missionary, there’s much to do and there’s no need for external stimulants like sex toys.

As long as there’s the right kind of rhythm between you and your partner, there’s nothing stopping either of you from having a good time.