Emotional Infidelity – About Breaking Your Trust

Is cheating always physical? There's this kind of emotional cheating people don’t talk about .

Emotional Infidelity - About Breaking Your Trust

If you are one of those many who think cheating can only be physical then you are in for tougher times ahead, my friend. Although often disregarded as a “trivial” or petty issue, emotional cheating does exist, and contrary to popular belief, it can ruin your relationship big time. It’s always safer to look out for signs like:

• Is your partner communicating with you enough?

• What is the medium of communication?

• Do you talk to or talk at each other?

• Do conversations turn into arguments?

• Does he/she talk to you if something great or something not so great is happening in their lives?

We often tend to talk and never listen. Words are replaced with elongated and awkward silences. And although nothing seems to change every day, when we look back suddenly everything is different. Emotional cheating is definitely not a myth!

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The Celebrities have been Victims too!

If you think the celebs are somehow shielded from the destructive effects of emotional cheating, you are completely mistaken. Apparently, everyone is replaceable. And from the not so famous celebs to reigning and renowned stars, emotional cheating has been prevalent, often hunched like a prey waiting for a new victim. The famous rom com star Meg Ryan cheated on her husband Dennis Quaid with Russel Crowe. Uma Thurman, Hally berry, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra bullock, Reese Witherspoon were all cheated on. Let’s humor ourselves for a minute and say if Jennifer Aniston can get over Brad Pitt, you can get over anyone. But wouldn’t you rather save the relationship before it’s too late?

You cannot neglect certain issues:

• Communication is the key to any relationship.

If the relationship isn’t transparent, you leave a lot of spaces that can be easily filled by other people who are perhaps more sensitive to the needs of your partner.

• Nothing is effortless in a relationship.

You need to invest mentally just as much to ensure it works out. If you are not paying attention to the details , like that new dress she bought or the new haircut, or the death of his/her dog, or even a simple text message, you can end up being on your own in absolutely no time.

• Secrets are not cool.

If you have signed up for this, you should know how secrets can turn a relationship sour and toxic. Whatever it is, just talk it out. Perhaps over coffee, because as they say “a lot can happen over a cup of coffee!”

There is no set map that will guide you and protect you from heartbreaks. They are inevitable, and just another cliché to the world. It’s better to be precautious and have no regrets later.

So if you are still waiting to make that call or procrastinating on sending those beautiful flowers, don’t think twice about it. Do it. Right now! There is no tomorrow, not when you are in love!