Is it a Dumb Decision to Get Your Bae’s Name Tattooed on You?

Symbolizing Love with Tattoos- How about getting that name Inked?

Is it a Dumb Decision to Get Your Bae's Name Tattooed on You?

Sure love is blind, and commitments are the daring yet fascinating step you’d love to take. However, how would separation feel like after you’ve inked each other’s names on your bodies?

Although we start on a pessimistic note and you’d be like “What if you’re just skeptical about everything!” , how can we ignore the possibility!

Even Celebrities Regretted

The ones who’ve promised each other a forever, have also left. How can we forget Bollywood reigning queen Deepika Padukone inking her ex’s initials on the nape of her neck when she was once “head over heels in love “with him. Did she not regret making that decision and later having to remove it? Oh yes she did. Heidi Klum, Marc Anthony, Eva Lingoria and the beautiful Angelina Jolie, all these amazing people had later felt repentant about their tattoos for their once love-interests.

Let’s face it, inking your love’s name is tacky and might prove to be a dumb decision. Call it being cynical as you may, but it rings truth.

Getting a tattoo on yourself is like altering your body, so when it’s for someone special, it most definitely is a big step. An even bigger commitment than moving in together or even marriage, maybe! Most “Sensible” people are usually not comfortable with this. So, look before you leap!

Let’s remind ourselves of a few things, should we?

Tattoos aren’t a sign of true love or commitment

Needless to say, just because we have inked our loved one’s name doesn’t mean either of us don’t have the license to leave. *puts mic on the high volume* YES WE DO!

Imagine how your current love interest would feel about your ex’s tattoo

It will be a nasty reminder for sure. Imagine having to look at it all the time you’re with your love. Your partner would really not like it, and when it comes to moving on, having someone’s name permanently inked on your body while you’re trying to move on from that person isn’t going to be easy. Would make the process more difficult than you think.

Let’s not forget about health

Tattoo removal is not really healthy for you, it may adversely affect your health in a number of ways and tattoo removal is an expensive thing too, so let’s keep that in mind.

Ready to be Ridiculed?

Your friends would ridicule you a lot when you get that tattoo and you’d probably be the reason for every joke when you have a breakup, god forbid! I don’t think you’ll have any explanation to back that up with.

Though it is really not necessary to symbolize your love for someone by a mere patch of ink, even if you want to, maybe get matching tattoos without the names, or a piece of jewelry reminding each other of your love. Let’s not increase the humongous list of regrets we’re about to face later in life by doing this pointless act already.