Do You Know What These Sex Position Names Mean?

The best way to stay prepared (with protection) if your date asks for it

Do You Know What These Sex Position Names Mean?
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You’ve probably heard about a lot of the sex position names, but when it comes down to actually doing it, things may not seem as simple.

If you’re dating, or if you are in one of those convenient relationships where the benefits are excellent and you’re looking forward to some sex without any expectations, maybe it’s a good idea to be prepared and know what those various sex position names actually mean (and of course be prepared with that protection too).

Spooning Really Doesn’t Involve A Spoon

You may have heard the term ‘spooning’ a lot, but do you know what you’re supposed to do if your partner asks your for some spooning? Basically, one of you lies down behind the other, and in such a way that both of you are at the same height, from the head. Now slowly one partner enters the other from behind, while also cradling the front. Interesting?

Align It Like The Coital Aligning Position

A great way to satisfy and get satisfied yourself
A great way to satisfy and get satisfied yourself

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This may sound like a really technical term, what with terms such as ‘aligning’ and so on. But the coital alignment position or technique is actually when you both are aligned in such a way that the clit gets the maximum focus. This position is again very much like a missionary position, but the person lying below has to lie down slightly higher than the one on top, and wrap those legs around the one on top. Make sure to pay attention to the clit.

Standing Bending Rear Love

Of course you know at least some of what this means, if not for real, then at least from the name. Both of you stand, one behind the other, and the partner standing at the back has to enter from the back (feel free to modify this as per preference and comfort, whether doggy or anal), and as the partner enters from the back, the partner at the front bends down and almost touches down to touch the floor.

Of course there is a lot that you can do once you both are comfortable and start exploring each other, and it is also fine to experiment and modify to add your own touch to a pose that is already out there. But if your date asks you for any of this, now you know what to do. For best results, at least the first time or so, the lube can really help too.