Do You Know About These Tracking Methods That Can Ruin Your Relationship?

If you think it’s a good idea to track your partner without them knowing, read this

Do You Know About These Tracking Methods That Can Ruin Your Relationship?
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How many times have you felt tempted to find out what your date or partner is doing, but didn’t ask them? Did you wait to obsess about who they were meeting and what they were up to? Has your partner ever spoken to you about installing a tracking device on your phone just because they love you and want to know that you are safe?

If you or your partner has something like this in mind, there’s no doubt the crack is already forming up – about trust issues that is.

Here are a few apps or methods that can be used to track each other (but we are definitely not promoting you to do so, and in fact, hoping that you can check for yourself if you’re being tracked).

Hiding It In Your Car

If you’re always zooming around in your car, it’s very easy for someone to place an extra smartphone in the car without it being easily visible, and turn on the tracking mode. This way, they will always know where you are and can easily track your routes.

The Free Cell Phone Tracker app

If caught, you may be punished by law
If caught, you may be punished by law

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This is one of the most dangerous apps that can be used to track another person, without their knowledge. Also, to start tracking through this app, you don’t even need to take your partner’s phone and install it in it. All you need to do is to download the app in your own phone and use some technical configuration on your phone itself. Then, you have to give a call on the number you are planning to track, and irrespective of whether or not the person takes your call, you can still get connected and start tracking.

Is it legal?

The Indian legal system does not make phone tracking legal for the regular public. This means that, if you are sure that your partner is tracking you, or if they find out that you are doing so, you can surely go behind bars.

While it can seem really easy to keep a track of your partner’s whereabouts, if caught, it can not only ruin your relationship, but ruin your reputation as well, and not to mention the punishment you may get by law.