Dating Your Bestie’s Ex? Here’s How You Can Still Remain Friends

Here's how not to upset your friend while dating their ex!

Dating Your Bestie's Ex? Here's How You Can Still Remain Friends
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In the dating rulebook, dating a friend’s ex is often considered to be a crime. It is a strange situation to be in and more often than not will be the causes of rifts between you and your friend.

Yet, there have been successful cases where friendships have not been affected because of personal relationships and that’s what we need to learn more about.

If you exes can be friends then why you can’t you be friends with a close one who’s seeing your ex.

Here’s how you can ensure that you don’t hurt your friend while dating their ex:

Stay Away From Any Tattle About Their Relationship

While everyone in this equation has moved on, it is best to keep the past where it belongs. Even though your friend may have opened up to you about their relationship, it is best if you keep those conversations discrete and far away now that you are seeing their ex. Playing out those old memories could hurt or offend your friend and could also prove to harmful to your relationship.

Don’t Even Think Of Comparing Your Relationship

You could truly end up losing your friend if you ever indulge in conversations that compare their ex’s behavior with them vis a vis you. Any kind of comparison could only worsen things. It is probably best if you consider your relationship to be fresh and start with a clean slate.

Be the best middleman you can be between the two exes
Be the best middleman you can be between the two exes

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You Don’t Have To Pick Sides – Respect Their Choices

Considering the two of them broke up, there may be a possibility that they are not okay to be friends even though they may be cordial to one another. If you are currently the link holding them together, make sure you don’t pressure them into being around each other all the time. Respect their need to hold back interaction if needed. Also, you don’t have to pick sides and it would be amazing if you can balance between the two.

Leave Out That Green Monster of Jealousy Out

Just because two people have dated in the past and are now cordial to each other, it does not suggest that they still have feelings for each other. For you to have a great relationship and friendship, you need to trust both the people involved. If they have had any inside jokes that are making a recurrence, don’t get jealous. The only way that this dynamic can be of no problem to anyone involved is when you trust them enough.

Love and Friendship are equally important things and if you think your friend has moved on and that you may have found love with their ex, make sure to be absolutely certain that you’re not hurting either of them by being in their life.