How To Correct Your Boyfriend When He Accidentally Says Sexist Things

Let him have it!


Patriarchy runs deep in the Indian society, and never a day goes by in a woman’s life when she doesn’t experience it. In fact, you cannot escape it even when you’re with your boyfriend. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, he will make a sexist remark every now and then, that will spoil your entire day. At such a time, it would help a lot if you had a witty reply at hand to make him shut his trap. Here are some comebacks that you should definitely try out.

Embarrass him

Nothing deflates the male ego like some good old embarrassment. If your boyfriend is brave enough to say something sexist to you, he should ideally not have any problem in speaking the same when your friends are around. But the thing is, being a closet sexist is something that’s preferred more these days. The best solution to this is embarrassing your boyfriend in front of his and your friends by laying bare his views. That will surely teach him a lesson or two.

Explain to him the concept of equality

Feminism is about equality, and some men don’t get that. For all the little they understand the concept, they wrongly believe it to be female domination. Which is probably why they feel so threatened by it. If men have certain societal privileges, it’s only fair for women to have them as well. Point out this imbalance to your boyfriend the next time he makes a sexist remark.

Counter his examples

One thing anti-feminists are very adept at, is presenting examples of how their theories are right. But those examples are extremely frail, as there’s little to no amount of objectivity to them. This gives you the perfect chance to counter their examples with some broad-minded objectivity. Also, do keep your own fairly balanced examples at hand just in case he unleashes his barrage.

Well, there you have it. This is our guide towards what the best replies to sexism can be to your boyfriend. If you have any interesting points to add here, do let us know through the comment section.