Best Places Around The World That Leave Couples Alone

Cities that tolerate PDA and let romantic couples kiss in public

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It is said the world is divided into cities that allow men to either pee in public or kiss in public. But it would be better to stay in country that allows PDA, but fines dirtying the public facades otherwise.

Couples live in dream bubble, which rather not be pricked. They believe in magic, but go to a different Hogwarts. Here are some cities that leave such romantic couples alone, and tolerate Public Display of Affection well. Pack your bags if you are looking for some Tender Caring Love and kissing your partner out in the air.


The city of dreams surely tops the list of romance. Hemingway called it a moveable feast, and the city dwellers are not moved by cosy couples. Obviously, it is not easy to stand in the midst of the shimmering Eiffel Tower, and not steal a kiss.

Seal a kiss with Eiffel Tower in the background


Under the Northern Lights, and the glory of the mysterious universe, nobody has the mind to bother with what others are doing. Couples tend to kiss and hug it out as the sky plays out the magic of the universe.

Enjoy a stellar night at Norway

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This historical city tolerates couples of different hues. Married, or not, couples can be at home in its alleys, and streets. London combines the charms of the old world, and the new, to be among the most modern of cities.

Enjoy the dramatic hues and views of London with your SO


In Mexico, this city holds a “kiss alley”, where the young and old couples visit to seal their love. The steps up the alley hold houses on both sides, and residents are friendly to leave the couples alone. The city has no love lost.

Up the Kiss Ally, perhaps time to take it to next level

DisneyLand (if it was a ‘land’ of its own)

Considered the happiest place in US, the Disney Park allows couples to be comfortable, despite being meant primarily for children. Here those young at heart can be themselves, and nobody will blink an eye for them.

Adults are just big size kids

Plan a trip to these destinations for a great time with your partner for some PDA and TCL

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