Are You In An On And Off Relationship? To Quit Or To Stay?

The truth about the on-off relationship: Should you stay or quit now?


No relationship is ever the Bollywood (or any wood) style perfect, but when it comes to an on-off relationship, the dynamics can get really different and difficult to handle.

So, is your sometimes-on-sometimes-ex really that good that you should get back to them again, or should you say your final goodbye and walk on? And more importantly, what is this relationship doing for you both?

The fact is there is no clear answer to this. So check out which side of the scale works better for you, and then take a decision.

The negatives

The negativity kills

There is some core issue behind the constant breakups that you both are not able to sort out together. When you’re in a relationship that sometimes exists and sometimes doesn’t, the negativity will take over more than the positives.

No healing time

You need time to heal from a heartbreak and you can only move on after getting over the past. In this case, you may not be ready to be in a relationship, that too with the same person, but still end up becoming a couple again. Not being able to let go of your hurt and still being in touch with the person can cloud your judgement.

No time with friends

This kind of a relationship can reduce your sense of self-worth. Your friends may be unable to understand why you still continue to behave this way. Gradually, you may lose out on your friends too.

In the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Anushka Sharma’s character is in a toxic relationship.
In the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Anushka Sharma’s character is in a toxic relationship.

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You stop expecting better

Being with the same person where you are not able to come out of the on-off mode can make you give up and you will eventually stop expecting any better. This is a big mistake. You do deserve better, and love does not have to mean crying and suffering all the time.

Some positives (maybe)?

The happy moments are awesome

Alright, but what when the anger and the negatives take over most of the relationship and the love becomes lesser and lesser?

You still trust each other

Trust is important in any relationship and can often be the deal maker or breaker. If you both trust each other even though there are other issues, maybe you can still work it out.

In the end, if you ask me, I’d say take a break and give yourself a few months off. See how you react. It will be killing, as you already know. Keep the phone on silent, delete all pictures, DO NOT take the call. Delete the number so that you can’t call (unless you have it memorized). But please take that break and at the end of those months, ask yourself if you still want to go back to all that pain and hurt.

There are much better people out there, who can truly make you smile and feel good, really.

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