Are You In A Two-Way Relationship? Here’s What To Do

Don’t get trapped in the one-way relationship mess!

Are You In A Two-Way Relationship? Here’s What To Do

You can never say what connects two people. It could be their nature, their common interests or their favourite food. What’s important is that when you find that person, you don’t let them go.

Make sure you fight for a relationship that you can see a future in. There are times when you feel for a person and the other person does too but things are just not moving forward.

Here’s what to do when you’re in a two-way relationship:

Ask Them Out Officially

You are hanging out with each other all the time and know there’s something brewing but it’s best to ask them out formally for a proper relationship. This gives the much-needed clarity especially to express the feelings you’ve been holding back to express.

Indulge In A Couple’s Activity

Indulge In Couples Activity

Just to test whether you two are on the same page and definitely want to take things forward, you could take part in a couple’s activity to find out where you stand. This will give you both a chance to express your side of the feelings.

Take Things Forward One Step At A Time

Just because feelings are mutual, don’t directly jump into the sack with your potential interest. Taking things forward one step at a time will give you more to explore on a relationship level. There are a lot of dimensions to a relationship and only having mutual feelings about liking each other is not the whole deal.

Involve Your Friends

This is the best time to introduce your friends and also to mingle with their friends. You’re not dating them as yet and so it is nice to see how their circle is and also how comfortable you are hanging out with their close friends and vice versa. Also, your friends will be able to identify how well suited you both are for each other.

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