Are You Cheating On Your Partner Emotionally?

Do you know involving in an emotional affair is equivalent to being unfaithful?

Are You Are Cheating On Your Partner Emotionally?
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We are not getting into the debate of right or wrong when it comes to cheating, for that debate holds no water. Cheating should be, at any cost, beyond the tolerance level of any human being who is ruled over by sanity. Now what goes wrong more often than not is, distance becomes a major issue in any relationship, which leads one of the partners to be physically inclined towards another person who is at a closer proximity. But, even that shouldn’t be an excuse for submitting yourself to any other human being, because as they say, if the roots of the relationship are strong, then distance is never an issue.

What Is An Emotional Affair?

This might hit you like a bolt from the blue, but yes, emotional affair also is cheating. A thing which might seem very minute on the surface, like deleting a harmless thread of chat before meeting your partner, who may just go through your phone, is also a sign of cheating, albeit not physically.

Unlike a physical affair, emotional affair has no clear definition. Also, an emotional affair takes place when you feel the lack of connection with your own partner, and feel the same in abundance with someone else. Being cheated on emotionally, feels unarguably worse than the traditional old way of cheating. If someone gets too close to anyone outside their steady relationship, even if it is in the form of friendship, and discusses intimate things, it is an emotional affair. Interestingly, often people do not realize if they are in an emotional affair, and are cheating on their partner.

Signs That You Are Emotionally Cheating In A Relationship

If you feel the need to delete messages with someone, you are cheating your partner emotionally
If you feel the need to delete messages with someone, you are cheating your partner emotionally

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If you find yourself in any of the situations below, then you are an offender who is cheating on your partner emotionally:

  • Being super protective about the phone and taking care to hide it from the partner
  • Sharing big news with someone before your partner
  • Sharing anxiety or concerns with someone before your partner
  • Showing lack of interest in being intimate
  • Comparing your partner with someone else
  • Putting someone else before your partner
  • Trying to accommodate time for someone else instead of your partner if time clashes
  • Deleting messages or calls from or to a particular person
  • Unwillingness to communicate

Honesty is the best policy. If you think you have been on the receiving end of being cheated on, or if you are the offender, it’s never too late to open up to your partner rather than wait for the other person to start the conversation, for it never happens that way. Don’t ruin a precious relationship, don’t let it go. Talk it out and things will straighten themselves out.