Are You An Option Or A Priority? Here’s How To Find Out

Signs that Your Special Someone is Keeping You on the Hook

Are you an Option or a Priority? Here’s how to find out

Relationships seem all beautiful and flowery but let’s break it to you, there’s always a chance they are keeping you on the hook.

What’s that you ask?

Well, honestly, all of us have been there. It’s when your apparent significant other does not prioritize you in their lives as much as you do. It’s when they treat you like an optionrather than making you feel important.

Was Robin only an option for Ted when he kissed Victoria in “How I Met your Mother”?
Was Robin only an option for Ted when he kissed Victoria in “How I Met your Mother”?

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The American sitcom “How I Met your Mother” shows how Ted was kept on hook and he kept someone else on the hook! And the cycle went on, making it really unpleasant and frustrating for everyone out there.

You may almost be in a relationship or are already in one and there are some moments where your partner really seems to make efforts and make you feel special and that gives you hope that things will get better. However, you may really not be the first person that comes to their mind. Even though you have minimal wants, there are cases, where the partner may always make you feel terrible about the way you feel.

Some ways to understand whether you are just an option and not a priority

The last minute plans

Most of the plans you make with him are the last minute ones even though he is well aware of your plans for the day. This shows that he does not really find it important to consider spending time with you.

You yourself cancel plans

You find yourself canceling other plans for no rhyme or reason in the hope that he would want to go out with you and later feel terrible for wasting your evening for them.

The big events

You aren’t the person they want to take to big galas like weddings and get-together events or they make excuses of not taking you along.

You’re on the hook

If they are seeing someone they would always try to keep you on the hook by telling you how important you are for them and how they don’t mean to lose you.

Responding to texts

It takes almost forever for them to respond to your messages and they always make excuses that they are really busy.

You put in all the efforts

Sometimes this realization hits you that you’ve been putting in all the efforts and he does absolutely nothing to keep the relationship going.

Making themselves free

They expect you to be free when they call you but are never there to answer your calls saying they had been extremely caught up or were too tired to call back.

Not defining a relationship

Yudi in "Happy Ending" treated every girl as his option
Yudi in “Happy Ending” treated every girl as his option

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They always say that the two of you cannot be together anytime soon and that’s when you realize you’re on the hook and just another option for him. Remember how Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) in “Happy Ending” ran away from every girl who confessed their love for him and wanted to give their relationship a definition?

You make excuses

You are always making excuses for them being a nice and lovely person and hope that things will get better when in reality things are just the opposite.

You are unhappy

You find yourself not at peace with the way things are going. There are temporary joys and then things get gloomy again. You hold on to the small happy memories the two of you have made and that gives you temporary bliss. It pains you that you remember everything that they say and they don’t. They think you are too demanding when you try to confront.

A couple of these signs may be present in almost every relationship, depending upon several situations in life. However, if more than 5 of these signs show-up in your relationship, you should really learn to let go, no matter how difficult it is. Being on the hook is never a nice feeling and makes you feel terrible about yourself. It crumbles your self-confidence from within and diminishes your worth.

If you have been through such situations in life and have learnt a lesson, or know someone who has experienced such a thing, do comment below and share your views to help others out!

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