7 ways a trek can help you check your compatibility with your partner

Go on a trek to know more before you say “I Do”


While we are courting, it’s but natural that we get to see the best side of each other. In an effort to impress each other, we sometimes pretend to be what we are not. That’s the reason why marriages sometimes fail or married people often complain about things like: ‘You were different before marriage. I have no idea what has changed in you since then.’ It’s nice and also important to know what the other person is like outside that perfectionist zone. How do you that without letting them actually know? One of the ways is to plan a trek to test the compatibility level of your future better half.

1. Over dressed for a trek with the latest branded joggers, trousers could be a word of caution especially for guys – high maintenance.

2. Have they carried basic necessities like water, windcheaters (especially in monsoons), sunscreen, etc. Talks a bit about how organized that person is.

3. Limited availability of resources is one of the basic checks. How would they react during bad times?

4. Trek can be long and tiring. Are they the finicky types?

5. Do they mingle with other strangers on the trek or keep to themselves. Will help you judge how welcoming your friends and family would be to them.

6. In case anyone is hurt or needs help. Would they reach out or back out ?

7. Do they walk in a group helping each other reach the peak or set out on their own. Talks about team work and which would help you judge who would do the household chores.

Now that you have tips, it’s a good idea to trek before you say “I Do” to see the true colours.