7 ways to make a home cooked dinner date to remember

7 ways to make your date a lip smacking one


You could be a hopeless romantic and spend millions to woo your date, but sometimes all it takes for them to go “Awwww..” is a simple home cooked meal, made by you. Also making dinner for someone is considered to be very sexy. A little planning and innovation is what you need putting on an apron and getting your hands dirty, to get set to whip up that meal to remember. Here are a few easy simple steps for that romantic home cooked dinner date :

1. Pick a menu

I wouldn’t go for complicated recipes, if I was a first time cook. The plan is to impress with a great tasting meal and not a grand sounding one. However, it’s impressive to be a bit more adventurous than pasta. The easiest tried and tested formula to pick a menu is : soup, appetizer, salad, main course, side dish and dessert. Basically a 3 to 5 course meal.  Light, non greasy appetizers are the best, while side dishes should compliment your main course. Dessert time can be made intimate by bringing out just one dessert and two spoons.

2. Get rid of the smell and Tidy up

You wouldn’t want your date to walk into a house that looks like a battlefield, though only you know the battle you have just fought in the kitchen. Get rid of all the smells, wrong ambience and aromas could ruin a romantic dinner. Placing a few aromatic candles or a diffuser would help. In case you don’t have those or don’t have the time to buy them, just spraying some body spray that an ex-date left behind is good enough.

3. Flowers are great

The menu is set, the house is tidy. It’s time to set the table. Roses in a flower vase are Nay. A glass or crystal bowl filled with fresh tulips or orchids? Yay!  Roses are OTT, there are so many other flowers to choose from. Shows some great taste.

4. Music

Rap and Rock is a good choice for time with friends. Music for a dinner date should calm your nerves and allow conversation without having to scream to be heard. The music you select says a lot about you. The safest bet are instrumentals like Jazz piano or Saxophone.

5. Lighting

Now is the time to bring out those fairy lights you haven’t used ever since Diwali.  Get innovative and turn it into a beautiful table piece. Here’s how:

6. Conversations

Let conversations flow naturally or choose conversations that are fun and easy.

7. After dessert coffee

You after dinner coffee need not be a lot, just a small cup to complete your meal and probably re-energise you for the night ahead. If you want to spice it up you could try some coffee cocktail.


(picture credit : qlove.biz, giphy.com, girlsallaround.com)