7 Things Your Boyfriend Says But Means Different

Your boyfriend may say one thing but mean something different. Here are 7 things that will help you uncover what he really means.


Sometimes boyfriends are wary of being totally honest about their thoughts. It is then that they use hidden code language to express some things. So do not be apprehensive when he says “I don’t know” to your suggestion or get too overwhelmed when he says he likes you.

Here are 7 things that boys may say when they mean something else.

1. “I am tired”

He means he does not want to do what you have suggested. He may not be wanting to go out for dinner after a long day in office, or wants to avoid a shopping weekend after a tiring week. And after all, it is fine to not agree to do everything.

2. “Cool”

Your boyfriend means “I don’t know what to say”. If you are talking about your favourite TV show or bitching about a girl in your office, this may be the response you will get. As guys think differently about these things, and he may get bored pretty fast. “Cool” is his response when he does not know what reaction you expect.

3. “I don’t know”

This means he wants to change the subject. Boys say “cool’ when they don’t know how to respond, but they say “I don’t know” when they know how to respond but do not want to. So they change the subject. They take efforts to avoid conflicts. And this is an easy route for them.

4. “I really like you”

This means he is falling for you. When he adds the “really”, he means that being with you gives him a great feeling, and he is taking time to believe how lucky he is. Yes, boys can have those complicated feelings as well. Also only “I like you” means he is not sure about how he feels for you, and needs time.

5. “I am going out with my friends today”

Your boyfriend is actually asking for your permission here, and wants to check whether you are fine if he makes some plans without you. Do not take offense with his plans. You may appreciate some “me’’ time too.

6. “You look different”

Your boyfriend may not be able to tell you openly that he does not like something new you have tried. He wants to spare your feelings, but you can definitely ditch that new eye shadow for him. When he says “You look beautiful”, he means he is feeling super lucky to have you in his life.

7. “I like your family”

This means he is thinking of a future with you. He loves you and hopes to marry you sometime. Though this one is easy to decipher, sometimes he may not be able to express it properly.

This is an easy guide to his feelings, when he is shy to be honest with you. Use it wisely.

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