7 hidden meaning when your girl says ‘Im fine’


When she says “I’m fine”, these words can actually mean 5 million things from “Leave me alone” to as hidden a meaning as Trump tweeting “Covfefe”.  So here is a simple guide to help you decipher what she may mean. Use it wisely.

1. “I can’t believe you said that”

What boys think funny is different from what girls think is humorous. So when you call her cute, she might think you are calling her pretty but dumb. The best thing is to use words wisely when commenting about her looks, wardrobe or friends.

2. “Where is this relationship heading?”

If she says it meekly, with a slight tremor, probably she is thinking about the future with you. If you have asked her to meet your parents, she may be feeling that things are going too fast. A little love text or a cute puppy video message goes a long way. We all need some reassuring now and then.

3. “I will wait till you figure out what you did wrong”

Girls expect you to realize your own mistakes, and hope that you will correct them for her. If you have cancelled plans with her for a beer with your friends, she will wait for you to resolve the ditching without her telling you she is upset about it.


4. “I am just hungry”

Very often, a pizza or a cupcake and coffee will go a long way in bringing back her usual self. Girls may not like to admit that they love food, but they really do. And cravings come to them with mood swings.


5. “How dare you compare me to your ex?”

Girls hate to be compared to your ex-girlfriend. You may just be sharing some memories casually, but to them it means that you are still hung up on her. So save her some feelings, and don’t mention your ex around her.

6. “I am only PMSing”

Do not turn her mood swings into cliché, but yeah, definitely be prepared for some drama once a month. She would turn all her frustration on you, as she cannot help it. Just be patient and supportive, get her some ice-cream and cookies. This storm will pass on its own.

7. “Pay attention to me”

Sometimes your girlfriend may just want your time. Listen to her childhood stories carefully, you may be quizzed on these later. So, keep aside your smart phone and pay attention to her. You may actually be heading to a great time.

Hope these interpretations are helpful for you to be on guard the next time she utters the mystery words. Decode, resolve, repeat.

(Image credits- Pixabay, zimbio, mshcdn, giphy)