5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life Through The Busy Weekdays

Try these tips to make weekdays romantic, and lead up to a hot weekend

5 ways to spice up your love life through the busy weekdays

Relationships are a constant work in progress, and whether you’re just dating, have been in it for some time now or are really serious and going strong, you always need to find ways to keep the spark alive.

Instead of letting busy weekdays become an excuse for your love life to turn boring, here are some fun things you and your partner can do that won’t take time or effort, but will still keep you both looking forward to what lays ahead.

Day One

Start by sending a message about all the things you are looking forward to do this week. What positions you would love to try, how you want them to touch you, what new intimate activity is on your mind, kinks, classics, what pace you want to go with your lovemaking – don’t hold back, say it all out.

Day Two

Choose a new spot in the house to have a quickie before you both leave for work. If you’re worried about running late, don’t go all the way to be in your birthday suit, but leave on some clothes and still get together. There’s no better start to the day than stealing a quickie before you go on to tackle other important issues.

"I like the feeling of being dominated" - Angelina Jolie
“I like the feeling of being dominated” – Angelina Jolie

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Day Three

Show them what you want. Don’t be shy and let loose your inhibitions. Use this day as a no-touching-each-other day, but pleasure yourself and show your partner just how you want things done the next time.

Day Four

Find out about new and exciting positions that you haven’t tried yet and message your partner in detail how you’re going to do it. You can both do some more research together later in the day if time permits, or straightaway test it out to see how pleasurable it is, and if you want to add your own spin to it.

Day Five

Keep a box in the house where you can both keep adding notes about what you have in mind. This could be your deepest kink, your fantasy, something you want to try out, a new outfit you want your partner to wear, some role play – absolutely anything. Pick out one each weekend, or if time permits, during the weekday too!

The weekend is here, and so is your time to get naughty and creative. Try out all of the experiments and things you have in mind, but make sure both you and your partner are comfortable and don’t end up hurting each other much. After all, you want it to be pleasurable too.

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