5 ways to keep your relationship as good as new

How to make your relationship feel like 50 First Dates


The everyday stress of life can sometimes affect relationships. Also, once the newness of a relationship starts wearing off, it starts feeling strained, dull and boring. Relationships need to be nurtured to keep it alive and kicking. Here are a few tips that could help keep your relationship as good as new.

1. Be real

Happy couples don’t need to be someone they are not when they are with each other. If you have to try to be someone other than yourself, your relationship needs a reality check. We could learn a thing or two from Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Two people, who are poles apart in every way, but accept each other the way they are and are living proof of how opposites attract.

2. Be silly together

Do fun, silly things together like watching a scary movie or having a water fight or something as silly as a pani puri eating competition. While it’s nice to do the usual romantic and mushy stuff, it’s important to just be silly together too. Ask yourself this question: If there ever was a law in your country where you are not allowed to kiss or hug or make love would you still want to hang out with the person? If your answer is yes, then you are with the right person.

3. Surprise each other

There are a million ways to surprise each other to make each other happy. Like leaving office a little early sometimes and cooking up your partner’s favourite dish before he/ she gets back home, or buying small things that your partner likes and leaving a gift trail all around the house or writing tiny love notes and dropping it into their bag without their knowledge so that it can brighten up a dull day at work.

4. Go out without each other

Being in love doesn’t mean you have to be hanging on to each other 24X7 like the world is about to end. Distance makes the heart grow fonder is what they say, so it’s nice to be away from each other at least once a week and catch up with your own gang of friends.

5. Laugh together

It could be as simple as laughing at a secret joke together or going for a stand up comedy show or watch a comedy movie together. Laughter is good for health but laughter shared is even better. It costs nothing but only increases happiness and makes life together fun.

Image Credits : pixabay.com,  giphy.com