5 Unique Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Awesome date night ideas that you can enjoy even on a month end!


You need to go out on a date but you don’t have enough money? Remember, you  don’t need to belong to the Tata, Birla or Ambani family to plan the most unique date night , sometimes the best dates are the ones where you needn’t spend a penny. Some of the best date nights are free or frugal. All you need is some creative ideas. Try one of these to make your date night a night to remember:

1 Midnight cycling

While the whole city is sleeping, go for a traffic free, cycling trail around your city with your partner. If you don’t own a cycle, you can hire them. It’s not just a wonderful way to get to know each other but also a great way to discover your city at night. Remember how Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh fall in love cycling through the roads of Istanbul, in Dil Dhadakne Do?


2. Moonlight picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic at midnight at the beach. The beaches are usually crowded in the daytime but at night it’s calm and beautiful under the moonlight. If you aren’t lucky enough to be living near a beach, then just have one under the moonlight in your terrace.

3. Camp in your living room

We’ve all heard of camping outdoors, but camping in a tent inside the four walls of your living room can be as exciting, especially if it’s a date night. If you own a tent , all you need to do is set it up , dim the lights, and create a smokeless campfire to complete the camping ambience. If you don’t have a readymade tent, then It’s time to use your childhood skills of building a  temporary tent created with a few bed sheets and blankets or a fort made with pillows and cushions. You’re all set to get cosy or make out inside your tent.


4. Paint and Dine

You can sign up for the couple’s paint and dine session, that is conducted in your city, or you  could have a paint night date, in the comfort of your home. All you need is a canvas sheet, some paints, some brushes and some wine to get you started. You can get as creative as you want, paint on the canvas or paint each other if you like.

5. Country Theme Dinner Date

Pick out a country from your bucket list of ‘Must Visit Countries’. So what if you don’t have enough money to visit that country, bring that country to your home. Together you can decorate the home with little things that signify that country and  also cook a dish that belongs to that country. It’s a fun way to bond over cooking too.

Let love win!


(Image Credits : flickr.com, pintrest.com, kcedventures.com)