5 things to expect in an age gap relationship

Age No Bar


Age is just a number, so it is said. You could be 30 but be as mature as 60 or vice versa. When you are in a relationship, age actually does not matter, its love that conquers all. Actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput, who is 13 years younger than him and  Sachin Tendulkar who is 6 years younger than his wife, Anjali,  are perfect examples.  But while you and your older partner might be head over heels in love, sometimes age gap relationships can be difficult to handle. Here’s a list of things  you are likely to face:

1.Approval from parents/family

How long can you keep your relationship a secret? You need to tell them and finish it off, but that is one of the most difficult situations. Expect a lot of drama and emotional blackmailing. It might take a bit long for the whole thing to sink in for them but over time, they will have to accept it.

2.Butt of office Jokes

Inappropriate jokes about ‘cradle snatchers’ or ‘sugar daddies’ will be a common thing in office or among friends. But do you really care when you have the most rocking relationship?  Jokes soon die when ignored.

3.Being Judged

Overnight there will be a host of self declared judges and moral police, who probably think you are in the relationship just for the money. Only you know better so keep doing what makes you happy.


4.Annoying Questions

People suddenly start assuming that your private life should be shared  in the open with the ‘aam junta.’ Or then you have agony aunties giving you unwanted advice that you could do without.

5.Age Gap will be blamed for anything that goes wrong

While people are very matter of fact about the rise of failed marriages and  relationships,  people are quick to point out the difference in age when it comes to an age gap relationship. The  requirement here is a lot of patience, or should we say enough to not punch them on the face!

(PICTURE CREDIT : instantbollywood.com ,  rediff.com,  pinterest, giphy.com)