5 signs your significant other is lying to you

Is it all a lie?


You’re in a new relationship and you want to know whether or not your partner is lying to you. How do you find out if your partner is lying?

1. Body Language

When you ask them a question and they look everywhere else but you, then it’s probably a lie. Focus more on the body language than the words, people that lie will keep moving their hands and fidget with stuff.

2. Anger at being questioned

If they react aggressively to a question that you ask, then there are 90% chances that they are lying. If the reaction is unexpectedly loud even if you ask him the question just once, then it’s a lie. However, if you ask any sane person the same question a thousand times, you’re likely to get the same reaction and that doesn’t mean they are lying, it’s plain frustration!

3. Weigh the answers

Does the answer to your question sound logical? If yes, then it’s probably the truth. Do they take time to think and answer something really as simple as : Who did you meet last night? Then they are sure to grow a nose like Pinocchio soon!

4. Speak More than they should

If you notice that they have been speaking more than they should, then they are probably lying. They are trying to use more word just so you believe that they are speaking the truth.

5. Facial Expressions

When a smile is natural, your whole face and eyes light up. A liar will only smile with the lips, their smile looks fake. So when you ask them a question, watch the way they smile. Their expressions are also anxious.
All said and done, always listen to your intuition, it’s almost always right.